The !wudfext.umirp extension displays information about a host user-mode I/O request packet (UM IRP).

!wudfext.umirp Address


Specifies the address of the UM IRP to display information about.


Windows 2000


Windows XP and later


Additional Information

For more information, see User-Mode Driver Framework Debugging.


You can use the !wudfext.umirps extension command to display a list of all outstanding UM IRPs in the host process.

Each UM IRP has one or more stack locations. Each stack location corresponds to the parameters that a single driver in the device stack will receive when it is called to handle a request.

!wudfext.umirp dumps all of the stack locations and marks the current location with a right angle bracket (>). The current location corresponds to the driver that currently owns the request. The current location changes when a driver forwards a request to the next lower driver in the stack, or when the driver completes a request that the driver owns.

The following is an example of the !wudfext.umirp display:

kd> !umirp 3dd480 
UM IRP: 0x003dd480  UniqueId: 0xde  Kernel Irp: 0x0x85377850
  Type: WudfMsg_READ
  ClientProcessId: 0x338
  Device Stack: 0x0034e4e0
    hrStatus: 0x0
    Information: 0x0
  Driver/Framework created IRP: No
  Data Buffer: 0x00000000 / 0
  IsFrom32BitProcess: Yes
  CancelFlagSet: No
  Cancel callback: 0x01102224
  Total number of stack locations: 2
  CurrentStackLocation: 2 (StackLocation[ 1 ])
    StackLocation[ 0 ]
  > StackLocation[ 1 ]
      IWDFRequest:  ????
      IWDFDevice:   0x000f2f80
      IWDFFile:     0x003a7648
        Callback:   0x00000000
        Context:    0x00000000
      Parameters: (RequestType: WdfRequestRead)
        Buffer length:        0x400
        Key:                  0x00000000
        Offset:               0x0