The !wudfext.wudfiotarget extension displays information about an I/O target including the target's state and list of sent requests.

!wudfext.wudfiotarget pWDFTarget TypeName


Specifies the address of the IWDFIoTarget interface to display information about. The !wudfext.wudfobject extension command determines the address of IWDFIoTarget.

Optional. Specifies the type of the interface (for example, IWDFDevice). If a value for TypeName is supplied, the extension uses the value as the type of the interface. If an asterisk (*) is supplied as TypeName, or if TypeName is omitted, the extension attempts to automatically determine the type of the supplied interface.


Windows 2000


Windows XP with UMDF version 1.7 and later


Additional Information

For more information, see User-Mode Driver Framework Debugging.

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