Debug | Modules

Click Modules on the Debug menu to display the current list of loaded modules.

Dialog Box

When you click Modules, the Module List dialog box appears. This dialog box lists all modules that are currently loaded into memory.

Module List is divided into the following columns:

  • The Name column specifies the module name.

  • The Start and End columns specify the first and last address of the module's memory image.

  • The Timestamp column specifies the build date and time for the module.

  • The Checksum column specifies the checksum value.

  • The Symbols column displays information about the symbols that this module uses. For more information about the values that appear in this column, see Symbol Status Abbreviations.

  • The Symbol file column specifies the path and file name of the associated symbol file. If the debugger is unaware of any symbol file, the name of the executable file is given instead.

If you click the title bar of a column, the display is sorted by the data in that column. If you click the title bar again, the sort order reverses.

If you select a line and then click Reload, that module's symbol information is reloaded.

If you select a line and press CTRL+C, the whole line is copied to the clipboard.

Click Close to close this dialog box.

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