Determining the ACL of an Object

You can use the debugger to examine the access control list (ACL) of an object.

The following method can be used if you are performing kernel debugging. To use it while you are performing user-mode debugging, you need to redirect control to a kernel debugger. See Controlling the User-Mode Debugger from the Kernel Debugger for details.

First, use the !object debugger extension with the name of the object in question:

kd> !object \BaseNamedObjects\AgentToWkssvcEvent
Object: ffbb8a98  Type: (80e30e70) Event
    ObjectHeader: ffbb8a80
    HandleCount: 2  PointerCount: 3
    Directory Object: e14824a0  Name: AgentToWkssvcEvent

This shows that the object header has address 0xFFBB8A80. Use the dt (Display Type) command with this address and the nt!_OBJECT_HEADER structure name:

kd> dt nt!_OBJECT_HEADER ffbb8a80
   +0x000 PointerCount     : 3
   +0x004 HandleCount      : 2
   +0x004 NextToFree       : 0x00000002
 +0x008 Type             : 0x80e30e70
   +0x00c NameInfoOffset   : 0x10 '
 +0x00d HandleInfoOffset : 0 '
   +0x00e QuotaInfoOffset  : 0 '
   +0x00f Flags            : 0x20 ' '
   +0x010 ObjectCreateInfo : 0x8016b460
   +0x010 QuotaBlockCharged : 0x8016b460
   +0x014 SecurityDescriptor : 0xe11f08b6
   +0x018 Body             : _QUAD

The security descriptor pointer value is shown as 0xE11F08B6. The lowest 3 bits of this value represent an offset past the beginning of this structure, so you should ignore them. In other words, the SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR structure actually begins at 0xE11F08B6 & ~0x7. Use the !sd extension on this address:

kd> !sd e11f08b0
->Revision: 0x1
->Sbz1    : 0x0
->Control : 0x8004
->Owner   : S-1-5-32-544
->Group   : S-1-5-18
->Dacl    : 
->Dacl    : ->AclRevision: 0x2
->Dacl    : ->Sbz1       : 0x0
->Dacl    : ->AclSize    : 0x44
->Dacl    : ->AceCount   : 0x2
->Dacl    : ->Sbz2       : 0x0
->Dacl    : ->Ace[0]: ->AceType: ACCESS_ALLOWED_ACE_TYPE
->Dacl    : ->Ace[0]: ->AceFlags: 0x0
->Dacl    : ->Ace[0]: ->AceSize: 0x14
->Dacl    : ->Ace[0]: ->Mask : 0x001f0003
->Dacl    : ->Ace[0]: ->SID: S-1-5-18

->Dacl    : ->Ace[1]: ->AceType: ACCESS_ALLOWED_ACE_TYPE
->Dacl    : ->Ace[1]: ->AceFlags: 0x0
->Dacl    : ->Ace[1]: ->AceSize: 0x18
->Dacl    : ->Ace[1]: ->Mask : 0x00120001
->Dacl    : ->Ace[1]: ->SID: S-1-5-32-544

->Sacl    :  is NULL

This displays the security information for this object.