dl (Display Linked List)

The dl command displays a LIST_ENTRY or SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY linked list.

dl[b] Address MaxCount Size


If this is included, the list is dumped in reverse order. (In other words, the debugger follows the Blinks instead of the Flinks.) This cannot be used with a SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY.

The starting address of the list. For more syntax details, see Address and Address Range Syntax.

Maximum number of elements to dump.

Size of each element. This is the number of consecutive ULONG_PTRs that will be displayed for each element in the list.



user mode, kernel mode


live, crash dump



Additional Information

For an overview of memory manipulation and a description of other memory-related commands, see Reading and Writing Memory.


This list must be a LIST_ENTRY or SINGLE_LIST_ENTRY structure. If this is embedded in a larger structure, be sure that Address points to the linked list structure and not to the beginning of the outer structure.

The display begins with Address. Therefore, if you are supplying the address of a pointer that points to the beginning of the list, you should disregard the first element printed.

The Address, MaxCount, and Size parameters are in the current default radix. You can use the n (Set Number Base) command or the 0x prefix to change the radix.

If the list loops back on itself, the dump will stop. If a null pointer is encountered, the dump will stop.

If you want to execute some command for each element of the list, use the !list extension.