Edit | Find

Click Find on the Edit menu to find text in the active debugging information window.

Note The active window must be the Debugger Command window or a Source window.

This command is equivalent to pressing CTRL+F.

Dialog Box

When you click Find, the Find dialog box appears. In this dialog box, in the Find what box, enter the text that you want to find. If there is already text selected, this text automatically appears in the Find what box.

In the Direction area, click Up or Down to specify the direction of your search. The search begins wherever the cursor is in the window. You can put the cursor at any location by using the mouse pointer.

Select Match whole word only if you want to search for a single whole word. (If you select this option when you search for multiple words, you always receive a failed search.))

Select Match case to perform a case-sensitive search.

The Find command only changes the WinDbg display. This command does not affect the execution of the target or any other debugger operations.

After you close the Find dialog box, you can repeat the search in a forward direction by using the Edit | Find Next command or pressing F3. You can repeat the search in a backward direction by pressing SHIFT+F3.

Additional Information

For more information about other ways to find text in debugging information windows, see Moving Through a Window.