Edit | Go to Current Instruction

Click Go to Current Instruction on the Edit menu to open the debugging information window that contains the current instruction and to highlight this instruction.

This command is equivalent to pressing ALT+ASTERISK (using the ASTERISK key on the numeric keypad).

If the current instruction corresponds to a known source file, WinDbg opens the Source window that contains this source file. If no such window exists, WinDbg opens one. The current line is highlighted.

If the current instruction is not in a known source file and the Disassembly window is open, WinDbg opens the Disassembly window and the current line is highlighted. However, if the Disassembly window is closed, the Go to Current Instruction command does not open it.

This command only changes the WinDbg display. This command does not affect the execution of the target or any other debugger operations.

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