File | Attach to a Process

Click Attach to a Process on the File menu to debug a user-mode application that is currently running.

This command is equivalent to pressing F6. You can use this command only when WinDbg is in dormant mode.

Dialog Box

When you click Attach to a Process, the Attach to Process dialog box appears,and you can do the following:

  • Select the line that contains the proper process ID and name (or enter the process ID in the Process ID box). Note Each listed process has an associated plus sign (+). You can click the plus sign to display information about that process' command line, services, and child processes.
**Note**   If WinDbg is connected to a process server, the **Attach to Process** dialog box will display processes that are running on the remote computer. For more information about process servers, see [**Activating a Smart Client**](
  • If you want to attach noninvasively to a process, select the Noninvasive check box.

After you make your selections, click OK.

Additional Information

For more information and other methods of attaching to a process, see Debugging a User-Mode Process Using WinDbg and Noninvasive Debugging (User Mode).

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