File | Open Workspace

Click Open Workspace on the File menu to open a saved workspace.

This command is equivalent to pressing CTRL+W.

Dialog Box

When you click Open Workspace, the Open Workspace dialog box appears. This dialog box contains a list of all named workspaces in the Workspaces area. Default or implicit workspaces are not listed since opening them directly will cause problems with the implicit ordering. If you want to open an implicit workspace directly, you must save it explicitly. For more information on named and default workspaces, see Creating and Opening a Workspace.

Enter the name of the workspace that you want to open in the Workspace box or select the workspace name in the Workspaces area. Then, click OK to open the selected workspace, or click Cancel to return the debugger to its previous state.

Additional Information

For more information about the different levels of workspaces and how to use them, see Using Workspaces.

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