gc (Go from Conditional Breakpoint)

The gc command resumes execution from a conditional breakpoint in the same fashion that was used to hit the breakpoint (stepping, tracing, or freely executing).




user mode, kernel mode


live debugging only



Additional Information

For an overview of related commands, see Controlling the Target.


When a conditional breakpoint includes an execution command at the end, this should be the gc command.

For example, the following is a proper conditional breakpoint formulation:

0:000> bp Address "j (Condition) 'OptionalCommands'; 'gc' " 

When this breakpoint is encountered and the expression is false, execution will resume using the same execution type that was previously used. For example, if you used a g (Go) command to reach this breakpoint, execution would resume freely. But if you reached this breakpoint while stepping or tracing, execution would resume with a step or a trace.

On the other hand, the following is an improper breakpoint formulation, since execution will always resume freely even if you had been stepping before reaching the breakpoint:

0:000> bp Address "j (Condition) 'OptionalCommands'; 'g' "