GFlags Examples

The following examples show how to submit GFlags commands and how to use GFlags features in practical scenarios.

This section includes the following topics.

Example 1: Displaying Global Flags

Example 2: Setting a Flag by Using a Flag Abbreviation

Example 3: Setting a Flag by Using Its Hexadecimal Value

Example 4: Setting Multiple Flags

Example 5: Clearing a Flag

Example 6: Clearing All Flags

Example 7: Clearing All Flags for an Image File

Example 8: Enlarging the User-Mode Stack Trace Database

Example 9: Detecting a Pool Memory Leak

Example 10: Detecting a Heap Memory Leak in a Process

Example 11: Enabling Page Heap Verification

Example 12: Using Page Heap Verification to Find a Bug

Example 13: Listing Image Files with Global Flags

Example 14: Configuring Special Pool

Example 15: Using Object Reference Tracing

The examples in the second section apply to features available only in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.