ls, lsa (List Source Lines)

The ls and lsa commands display a series of lines from the current source file and advance the current source line number.

ls [.] [first] [, count] 
lsa [.] address [, first [, count]] 


Causes the command to look for the source file that the debugger engine or the .srcpath (Set Source Path) command are using. If the period (.) is not included, ls uses the file that was most recently loaded with the lsf (Load Source File) command.

Specifies the address where the source display is to begin.

For more information about the syntax, see Address and Address Range Syntax.

Specifies the first line to display. The default value is the current line.

Specifies the quantity of lines to display. The default value is 20 (0x14), unless you have changed the default value by using the lsp -a command.



User mode, kernel mode


Live, crash dump




After you run the ls or lsa command, the current line is redefined as the final line that is displayed plus one. The current line is used in future ls, lsa, and lsc commands.

See also

lsc (List Current Source)

lsf, lsf- (Load or Unload Source File)

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