The debugger engine can directly read and write the target's main memory, registers, and other data spaces. In kernel-mode debugging, all of the target's memory is available, including virtual memory, physical memory, registers, Model Specific Registers (MSRs), System Bus Memory, Control-Space Memory, and I/O Memory. In user-mode debugging, only the virtual memory and registers are available.

The engine exposes, to the clients, all memory in the target using 64-bit addresses. If the target uses 32-bit addresses, when communicating with the target and the clients, the engine will automatically convert between 32-bit and 64-bit addresses, as needed. If a 32-bit address is recovered from the target--for example, by reading from memory or a register--it must be sign-extended to 64 bits before it can be used in the debugger engine API. Sign extension is performed automatically by the ReadPointersVirtual method.

Additional Information

For details about reading and writing memory, see Memory Access.