Opening a Dump File Using WinDbg

There are several ways you can use WinDbg to open a dump file.

WinDbg Menu

If WinDbg is already running and is in dormant mode, you can open a dump by choosing Open Crash Dump from the File menu or by pressing CTRL+D. When the Open Crash Dump dialog box appears, enter the full path and name of the crash dump file in the File name box, or use the dialog box to select the proper path and file name. When the proper file has been chosen, click Open.

Command Prompt

In a Command Prompt window, you can open a dump file when you launch WinDbg. Use the following command:

windbg -y SymbolPath -i ImagePath -z DumpFileName

The -v option (verbose mode) is also useful. For more information about the command-line syntax, see WinDbg Command-Line Options.

Debugger Command Window

If WinDbg is already in a kernel-mode debugging session, you can open a dump file by using the .opendump (Open Dump File) command, followed by g (Go).

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