Setting Breakpoints in WinDbg

There are several ways you can set, view, and manipulate breakpoints using WinDbg.

Debugger Command Window

You can set, view, and manipulate breakpoints by entering commands in the Debugger Command Window. For a list of commands, see Methods of Controlling Breakpoints.

WinDbg Menu

You can open the Breakpoints dialog box by choosing Breakpoints from the Edit menu or by pressing ALT+F9. This dialog box lists all breakpoints, and you can use it to disable, enable, or clear existing breakpoints or to set new breakpoints.

Code Windows

The Disassembly window and the Source windows highlight lines that have breakpoints set. Enabled breakpoints are red, and disabled breakpoints are yellow.

If you set the cursor on a specific line in the Disassembly window or in a Source window, you can press F9 to set a breakpoint at that line.