Symbols in the Middle

In this scenario, you have three computers. The first has the target application, the second has the symbols, and the third has the technician.

Since the smart client behaves like a regular debugger in every way, it can be used as a debugging server at the same time. This allows you to link three machines together with the smart client in the middle.

First, you start a process server on the computer \\BOXA:

dbgsrv -t npipe:pipe=FarPipe 

The middle machine, named \\BOXB, starts the debugger with both the -premote and -server parameters. Suppose the PID of the target application is 400 and the symbol path is G:\MySymbols:

cdb -server npipe:pipe=NearPipe -premote npipe:server=BOXA,pipe=FarPipe -v -y g:\mysymbols -p 400 

Then a debugging client on a third machine can be started as follows:

windbg -remote npipe:server=BOXB,pipe=NearPipe 

The third machine is then used to control the debugging, while the second machine is where the actual processing is done and the symbols are accessed.

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