Using Shell Commands

The debugger can transmit certain commands to the Microsoft Windows environment in which the debugger is running.

You can use the .shell (Command Shell) command in any Windows debugger. With this command, you can execute an application or a Microsoft MS-DOS command directly from the debugger. If you are performing remote debugging, these shell commands are executed on the server.

The .noshell (Prohibit Shell Commands) command or the -noshell command-line option disables all shell commands. The commands are disabled while the debugger is running, even if you begin a new debugging session. The commands remain disabled even if you issue a .restart (Restart Kernel Connection) command in KD.

If you are running a debugging server,you might want to disable shell commands. If the shell is available, a remote connection can use the .shell command to change your computer.

Network Drive Control

In WinDbg, you can use the File | Map Network Drive and File | Disconnect Network Drive commands to control the network drive mappings. These changes always occur on the computer that WinDbg is running on, never on any computer that is remotely connected to WinDbg.

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