WinDbg Preview keyboard shortcuts

Small logo on windbg preview

This section summarizes the keyboard shortcuts for the WinDbg preview debugger.

All of the ribbon menu options are available using the Alt + the first letter of the option. For example Alt + H to go to the home menu, Alt + H + S to stop debugging.

Screen shot of home menu showing letters uses for quick keys for ribbon

Flow control

Keystroke Description
F5 Continue
F10 Step over
F11 Step Into
Shift+F11 Step out
F7 Run to line
Ctrl+Shift+I Set instruction pointer to highlighted line
Ctrl+Break or Alt+Del Break
Ctrl+Shift+F5 Restart
Shift+F5 Stop debugging
Alt+H,D Detach


Keystroke Description
F6 Attach to process
Ctrl+R Connect to remote
Ctrl+D Open dump file
Ctrl+K Attach to kernel debugger
Ctrl+E Launch process
Ctrl+P Launch app package


Keystroke Description
F9 Toggle breakpoint on highlighted line
Ctrl+Alt+K Toggle initial break
Alt+B,A Add breakpoint


Keystroke Description
Ctrl+Tab Open window changer
Ctrl+1 Open/focus on command window
Ctrl+2 Open/focus on watch window
Ctrl+3 Open/focus on locals window
Ctrl+4 Open/focus on registers window
Ctrl+5 Open/focus on memory window
Ctrl+6 Open/focus on stack window
Ctrl+7 Open/focus on disassembly window
Ctrl+8 Open/focus on breakpoints window
Ctrl+9 Open/focus on thread window


Keystroke Description
Ctrl+Shift+O Open script
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Execute script
Ctrl+S Save script
Alt+S,N New script
Alt+S,U Unlink script

Stack navigation

Keystroke Description
Ctrl+↑ / ↓ Move up/down a stack frame


Keystroke Description
F1 Open help file
Shift+F1 Search selection online (source window)


Keystroke Description
Ctrl+Alt+V Toggle Verbose Mode

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