UWP device apps


Device manufacturers can create a UWP device app that serves as a companion to their device. UWP device apps have more capabilities than regular UWP apps and can perform privileged operations, such as firmware updates. Also, UWP device apps can start from AutoPlay (on more devices than other apps can), automatically install the first time a device is connected, and extend the printer and camera experiences built into Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

This section describes what UWP device apps are and how device manufacturers can create them. If you're new to UWP device apps, take a look at Getting started.

If you're looking for info about UWP mobile broadband apps, see Mobile Broadband.

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What's new

This section provides a glimpse of what's new for UWP device apps.

Getting started

Start here to begin building UWP device apps.

Build a UWP device app step-by-step

This step-by-step guide describes in detail how to build a UWP device app with Microsoft Visual Studio and the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard.

AutoPlay for UWP device apps

This topic describes how to use the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard to enable AutoPlay. It also describes how to handle AutoPlay activations in your app.

Device sync and update for UWP device apps

In Windows 8.1, your UWP app can use a device background task to synchronize data on your peripheral device. If your app is associated with device metadata, that UWP device app can also use a device background agent to perform device updates, such as firmware updates.

UWP device apps for printers

This section introduces UWP device apps for printers.

UWP device apps for cameras

This section introduces UWP device apps for cameras.

UWP device apps for internal devices

This topic introduces the ways that UWP device apps can access internal devices.

Automatic installation for UWP device apps

This topic describes how automatic installation works and how the app, metadata, and drivers can be updated and uninstalled.

Hardware Support App (HSA): Steps for Driver Developers

This topic provides steps for a driver developer to associate a driver with a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app.

Hardware Support App (HSA): Steps for App Developers

This topic provides steps for an app developer to associate a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app with a Universal Windows driver.