Step 3: Add an experience ID to the Windows Store device app

device app workflow, step 3

This topic describes how to add the experience ID to your Windows Store device app. The experience ID is a GUID that uniquely identifies a device metadata package; it's required if your app is configured for automatic installation, as is the case with Windows Store device apps for printers and cameras.

Tip You can skip this step if your app is specified as a privileged app and it is not configured for automatic installation.

A Windows Store device app is a special kind of Windows Store app that device manufacturers create to serve as a companion to their internal or peripheral device. By using device metadata, device apps can run privileged operations and automatically install when a device is plugged in. For more info about Windows Store device apps, see Meet Windows Store device apps.

Note This topic is part of a step-by-step series. See Build a Windows Store device app step-by-step for the introduction.

Before you begin

This step requires the StoreManifest.xml file that was created in the previous step. The StoreManifest.xml file specifies the experience ID.

Add StoreManifest.xml to your project

The experience ID is specified in the StoreManifest.xml file. This ID links your app to the device metadata.

The StoreManifest.xml file must be stored in the root folder of your app's project, and not in the solution’s root folder.

To add StoreManifest.xml to your project

  1. In Solution Explorer, right-click the project and choose Add > Existing Item.
  2. In the Add Existing Item dialog box, select the StoreManifest.xml file that you created in the previous step.
  3. Review the properties of the StoreManifest.xml file after it's been added to your project. Right-click the StoreManifest.xml file and select Properties. This highlights the Properties window.
  4. In the Properties window, ensure that the Build Action property equals Content and the Copy to Output Directory property equals Do not copy.

For more info about the StoreManifest.xml file, see StoreManifest schema reference.

Next step

Step 4: Test device metadata

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