MOF Compiler Properties for Driver Projects

The Managed Object Format (MOF) compiler (mofcomp.exe) parses MOF files and adds the classes and class instances defined in the files to the WMI repository. Use the Mofcomp property page to compile MOF files with your driver. For more information about Mofcomp.exe and WMI, see mofcomp, Compiling MOF Files, and Compiling a Driver's MOF File.

Setting Managed Object Format (MOF) Compiler properties for driver projects

  1. Open the property pages for your driver project. Right-click the driver project in Solution Explorer and select Properties.
  2. In the property pages for the driver project, click Configuration Properties and then click Mof Compiler.
  3. Set the properties for the project.

This property page is available if you add a Managed Object Format (MOF) file (.mof) to your solution.

Option Description

Additional Options

Specifies additional options to pass to the mofcomp tool.


Splits the MOF file into language-neutral and -specific versions. (-AMENDMENT:Locale)


Specifies Authority as the authority (domain name) to use when logging on to WMI. (-A:Authority)

Auto Recover

Adds the named MOF file to the list of files compiled during repository recovery. (-autorecover)

Create Binary Mof File

Requests that the compiler create a binary version of the MOF file with the name filename without making any modifications to the WMI repository. (-B:Filename)

Language Neutral Output

Name of the language neutral output. (-MOF:Path)

Language Specific Output

Name of the language specific output. (-MFL:Path)

Mof Class

Creates or updates MOF classes.

Create Only (-class:createonly) Requests that the compiler not make any changes to existing classes. When this switch is used, the compile operation terminates if a class specified in the MOF file already exists.

Force Update (class:forceupdate) Forces updates of classes when conflicting child classes exist.

Safe Update (-class:safeupdate) Allows updates of classes even if there are child classes, as long as the change does not cause conflicts with child classes.

Update Only (-class:updateonly) Requests that the compiler not create any new classes.

See mofcomp for more information.


Requests that the compiler load the MOF file into the namespace specified as namespacepath. (-N:namespacepath)

Resource Locale

Extracts the localized MOF descriptions from the binary MOF when used with -ER switch. (-L:ResourceLocale)

Resource Name

Extracts binary MOF from a named resource. (-ER:ResourceName)

Syntax Check

Requests that the compiler perform a syntax check only and print appropriate error messages. No other option can be used with the Syntax Check option.

WMI Syntax Check

Requests that the compiler perform a WMI syntax check -WMI . If you select this option, you must also select the Create Binary Mof File option (-B:Filename)

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