/Initialize Switch

The /Initialize switch of the Enhanced Storage Certificate Management tool initializes the authentication silo certificate (ASC) store in an IEEE 1667-compliant USB storage device to its original manufacturer's state.

Note In this topic, the specified IEEE 1667-compliant USB storage device is referred to as the target device.

    EhStorCertMgrCmd /Initialize  -Volume:


The volume name of the target device. For more information about the format of this parameter, see Overview of the Enhanced Storage Certificate Management Tool.

Note To produce a list of the volume names of the IEEE 1667-compliant USB storage devices that are currently connected to a computer, type EhStorCertMgrCmd /List at the command prompt and then press Enter.

Suppresses verbose output when the USB storage device is initialized.


The /Initialize switch removes all the certificates from the ASC store except for the ASC-manufacturer (ASCm) certificate. Unlike the /Clear Switch, the /Initialize switch removes the Provisioning (PCp) certificates from the ASC store.

If the target device was provisioned with a provisioning certificate (PCp), the private key of that certificate must reside in the host in order to pass administrative authentication with the device.


The following example shows how to initialize a target device:

EhStorCertMgrCmd /Initialize -Volume:"\\?\usbstor#ieee1667control&ven_&prod_&rev_#123456789&0&control#{4f40006f-b933-4550-b532-2b58cee614d3}"

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