Attachments Scenarios

The Attachments scenario tests sending and receiving attachments.

The goal of this scenario is not the discovery of the Hosted Service endpoints. This scenario assumes that these endpoints were discovered or provided prior to starting this scenario.

In every case, the attachment that is sent to TestDevice will be Dpws1.jpg and the attachment that is received from TestDevice will be Dpws2.jpg. The attachment should be verified by loading a copy of the expected attachment into memory and doing a byte-for-byte memory comparison on the received attachment.

For more information, see the initial test device setup diagram in WSDBIT Testing Environment.

Case Client action Server action Pass-Fail criteria 3.1

Call OneWay attachment method


Calls the OneWay method of the AttachmentService with

Validate the attachment data.

The server correctly validates the attachment data. The server receives Dpws1.jpg.


Call TwoWay attachment method


Calls the TwoWay method of the AttachmentService with:

The server correctly validates the attachment data and the client receives the response. The server receives Dpws1.jpg.


Validate the attachment data that is received in the TwoWayAttachmentResponse. The client receives Dpws2.jpg.


The client correctly validates the attachment data.