Driver Verifier Manager (Windows 2000)

The Windows 2000 version of Driver Verifier Manager has five separate panels:

  1. The Driver Status screen displays which drivers are loaded and are being verified, and which Driver Verifier options are active. See Viewing Driver Verifier Settings for details.

  2. The Global Counters screen displays statistics related to Driver Verifier's actions. Although some of these statistics are related to certain Driver Verifier options, these statistics will be displayed regardless of which options are active. See Monitoring Global Counters for details.

  3. The Pool Tracking screen displays information about pool allocations. See Monitoring Individual Counters for details.

  4. The Settings screen is used to activate and configure Driver Verifier's actions. Changes made from this screen take effect after the next boot. See Selecting Driver Verifier Options and Selecting Drivers to be Verified for details.

  5. The Volatile Settings screen is used to alter Driver Verifier's volatile actions. Changes made from this screen take effect immediately. See Using Volatile Settings for details.

Several screens have a Refresh Frequency section on them. This is used to control how often the information displayed on that screen is updated. Low, Medium, and High instruct Driver Verifier to refresh the screen every 1, 5, or 10 seconds, respectively. Manual disables automatic updating. The Refresh Now button causes the screen to be refreshed immediately.

To exit Driver Verifier Manager, use the Exit button. If you have made any changes and have not pressed the corresponding Apply button, you will be asked if you wish to save your changes.

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