Example: Global Logger Provider

The following screen shot shows the GlobalLogger subkey, which contains entries that configure the Global Logger trace session. Under the GlobalLogger subkey is a ControlGUID subkey that represents a trace provider that logs to the Global Logger trace session. The ControlGUID subkey is selected, and the entries in the subkey appear in the right pane.

screen shot of a subkey of a trace provider that logs to the global logger trace session on windows xp

In this example, the ControlGUID subkey represents the TraceDrv sample driver. The subkey is named for the Tracedrv control GUID, d58c126f-b309-11d1-969e-0000f875a5bc. Because the trace session is running on Windows XP, the GUID is not enclosed in braces.

The TraceDrv sample driver is available in the Windows driver samples repository available on GitHub.

This ControlGUID subkey contains a Flags entry and a Level entry. These entries are optional and their value is defined by the provider.

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