Example 6: Stopping a Trace Session

The following command stops the MyTrace trace session:

tracelog -stop MyTrace

In response, Tracelog displays the properties of the trace session.

Operation Status:       0L      The operation completed successfully.

Logger Name:            MyTrace
Logger Id:              2
Logger Thread Id:       000008C8
Buffer Size:            8 Kb
Maximum Buffers:        26
Minimum Buffers:        4
Number of Buffers:      6
Free Buffers:           6
Buffers Written:        1
Events Lost:            0
Log Buffers Lost:       0
Real Time Buffers Lost: 0
AgeLimit:               15
Log File Mode:          Sequential
Log Filename:           C:\Tracing\MyTrace.etl

To verify that the trace session is stopped, use a list (tracelog -l) or query (tracelog -q) command.