Grouping Trace Sessions

You can combine multiple running trace sessions or multiple existing trace log displays into a trace session group. When you do, the trace messages from the grouped sessions or logs appear together in a single Trace Message List pane.

Trace session groups are managed as a single session. For example, if you stop a trace session that is part of a group, TraceView stops all trace sessions in the group. Similarly, if you filter the trace messages, the filter applies to all trace messages in the group. However, you can still change the properties of a single trace session or its providers while it is part of a group.

The grouping of trace sessions does not affect the event trace log (.etl) files, the TraceView listing (.out) files, or the TraceView summary (.sum) files for the trace sessions. Those files record data from each session as though the sessions were not grouped.

This section includes:

Creating Trace Session Groups

Ungrouping Trace Sessions

Saving a Group Log

Limitations of Grouping