How do I update the flags in a running trace session?

To change the trace flags or trace level in a running trace session, use the tracelog -enable command, not the tracelog -update command. For more information, see Tracelog Command Syntax.

Flags and levels are properties of a trace provider, not of the trace session. Therefore, tracelog -update, the command to update the trace session, cannot be used to change the properties of a provider. Instead, use the tracelog -enable command to re-enable the provider with the new properties.

For information about the tracelog -enable command, see Tracelog Command Syntax. For an example of how to use this command, see Example 5: Enabling Trace providers.

You can also use TraceView to change the flags or levels in a trace session that you started by using TraceView. The graphical user interface makes it easy to see what properties can be changed while the session runs, and to change them.

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