Installing the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard

[This topic describes the Device Metadata Authoring tool provided in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8. If you’re developing device experiences for Windows 8.1, use the Device Metadata Authoring Wizard available with Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1. For more information, see Windows 8.1 device experience. ]

The Device Metadata Authoring Wizard is located in the Windows® Driver Kit (WDK).

To download and install the WDK, see Windows Driver Kit.

Note You must install the entire WDK to use the tool.

After you have installed and launched the WDK, click the Driver menu in Microsoft Visual Studio, select Device Metadata, and then perform one of the following actions:

Note If the Driver menu is missing, make sure that you have the Ultimate or Professional edition of Visual Studio 11 and the WDK installed.

  • To create a device metadata package, select Authoring.
  • To create a mobile broadband service metadata package, select Mobile Broadband.

The Welcome to the Metadata Authoring Wizard screen appears, and you're ready to begin creating a metadata package.