Joining a Trace Session

In rare situations, such as when you force TraceView to exit while it is controlling a running trace session, TraceView does not disable the session providers and stop the trace session. In this situation, when you try to start a trace session with the provider that is still enabled, TraceView displays a warning and offers to stop and restart the session or to let you join the trace session that is already in progress.

The options in the dialog box are as follows:

Yes - Stop and Restart the Log Session
TraceView stops the trace session and then starts a new trace session with the same providers and same properties.

No - Join the Log Session Without Stopping
TraceView retrieves and saves the session properties and joins the trace session. You can use TraceView to change the properties of the trace session, but TraceView cannot stop the trace session. To stop the trace session, exit TraceView.

Cancel - Abort Start Operation
TraceView cancels the attempt to start the trace session.


The TraceView window displays only those running trace sessions that it started. To list all trace sessions that are running on the system, type traceview -l in a Command Prompt window. To stop trace sessions that TraceView did not start, type traceview -stopSessionName in a Command Prompt window. For more information about these commands, see TraceView Command-Line Interface.