NdisTimedDataSend rule (ndis)

The NdisTimedDataSend rule verifies that when an NDIS driver calls MiniportSendNetBufferLists, the miniport driver completes the send request within 30 seconds.

You can use a kernel debugger to help identify the cause of the problem. Check RULE_STATE for PendingNbl, which points to the pending buffer list that causes the timeout. Use the !ndiskd.nbl debugger extension to examine the NET_BUFFER_LIST. For information about using the debugger, see Windows Debugging.

Driver model NDIS
Bug check(s) found with this rule Bug Check 0xC4: DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION (0x0009200D)

How to test

At run time

Run Driver Verifier and select the NDIS/WIFI verification option.

Applies to

MiniportSendNetBufferLists NdisMSendNetBufferListsComplete