PwrTest Idle Scenario

The PwrTest Idle Scenario monitors user and CPU idle statistics displays idle statistics gathered by kernel every 15 seconds.

You can combine this scenario with the PwrTest Execution State Scenario (/es) to simultaneously monitor legacy execution state changes, which can help you diagnose why a system is not idling out to sleep.

Note This is a legacy scenario and its recommended replacement is the PwrTest PPM Scenario (/ppm) for monitoring CPU idle statistics, and the PwrTest Monitor Scenario (/monitor) for monitoring user idle.


pwrtest /idle  [/t:n] [/?] [/es [es_options]

Specifies the total time (in minutes) for the scenario to run (the default value for n is 30 minutes).

/es [es_options]
Runs the PwrTest Execution State (ES) Scenario.


pwrtest /idle /t:60
pwrtest /idle /es /user
pwrtest /idle /es /kernel

XML log file output


The following table describes the XML elements that appear in the log file.

Element Description

Contains information related to the idle scenario scenario. Only one <PowerIdleStatistics> element can appear in the PwrTest log file.


Contains idle statistics of the last idle period.


Time of most recent idle statistics event.


Idle ignore threshold.


Lowest idleness percent in the period.


Average idleness percent in the period.


Accrued idle time during the period.


Non-idle time that was ignored during the period.


Did the system idle to sleep during the period?


Amount of non-idle ignore references during the period.


Contains information related a single thread execution state change event. There will be one <EsChange> element for each thread execution state change event recorded in the PwrTest log file.


Indicates the time when the execution state change event occurred.


Indicates the path to the image file for the process that requested the execution state change.


Indicates the request execution state. This is a 32-bit value of type EXECUTION_STATE (see Windows.h).


Indicates (TRUE) if the process requested the execution state change to be continuous (ES_CONTINUOUS) or not (FALSE).


Indicates (TRUE) if the process requested the system to be available (ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED) or not (FALSE).


Indicates (TRUE) if the process requested the display to be available (ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED) or not (FALSE).


Indicates (TRUE) if the process requested away mode to be enabled (ES_AWAYMODE_REQUIRED) or not (FALSE).

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