Review and save package in the Mobile Broadband Metadata Authoring Wizard

After completing all of the tabs in the wizard, review and save your package.

To review a package

  1. Click the Finish tab.
  2. Review all of the information that's listed under Summary information.
  3. Record the Experience ID that's shown. The Experience ID information must be specified in StoreManifest.xml, a file that must be included in the final Windows Store app submitted to the Windows Store.
  4. If applicable, review any errors in red and fix them in the appropriate tabs.

To save a package

  1. On the Finish tab, under Save As, confirm the package name next to Windows 8 Package.
  2. Next to Folder location, confirm the location on your computer for the saved package, or click Change to change it.
  3. If you want to test the package on your PC, select Copy packages to your system's local metadata store.
  4. Click Finish.

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