Stopping a Trace Session

When you stop a trace session, TraceView disables the trace providers, flushes any unsent trace messages from the buffers into the TraceView display and trace logs, and then stops the trace session. To stop a trace session, do the following:

  1. In the Trace Session List, right-click any cell of the row for the trace session.

  2. Click Stop Trace.

After a brief pause, the value of the State column changes from RUNNING to STOPPING and then to STOPPED. When the trace session stops, you can remove it from the display.


TraceView can stop only the trace sessions that it started. To stop other trace sessions, use a traceview -stopSessionName command. For more information about this command, see TraceView Control Commands.

Stopping a trace session does not remove the session from the display or delete any trace logs.

TraceView uses the EnableTrace function to stop the trace session. For more information about this function, see the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation.