TraceView (TraceView.exe) configures and controls trace sessions and displays formatted trace messages from real-time trace sessions and trace logs. It has a flexible graphic user interface and a command-line interface for batch processing and scripting.

TraceView is a trace controller and a trace consumer. You can use TraceView to enable, configure, start, update, and stop a tracing session; to display real-time or logged trace messages; to combine trace message from different providers in a single display; to filter a trace message display; and to convert trace messages into text format.

TraceView is located in the tools\<Platform> subdirectory of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK), where <Platform> is either i386, amd64, or ia64.

Note TraceView runs on Microsoft Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows, although some features are restricted on Windows 2000. For more information about these restrictions, see TraceView Limitations.

TraceView performs many of the functions of Tracepdb, Tracelog, and Tracefmt, the command-line tracing tools that are included in the WDK.

This section describes TraceView 2.0.15. It includes the following topics:

TraceView Overview

Using TraceView