TraceView -parsepdb

Use a TraceView -parsepdb command to create trace message format files from data in a PDB symbol file.

    traceview -parsepdb PDBfile [-p TMFPath] 


Specifies the path and file name of a PDB symbol file.

-p TMFPath
Specifies a directory for the trace message format (TMF) file.

You cannot specify the name of the TMF file. The file name is the message GUID of the trace provider.


traceview -parsepdb tracedrv.pdb
traceview -parsepdb tracedrv.pdb -p d:\tracing


TraceView also creates a trace message control (.tmc) file for each trace provider in the source code. The TMC file contains the control GUID and the trace levels of each trace provider represented in the PDB file. The name of the TMC file is the control GUID of the trace provider.

If TraceView responds to a -parsepdb command only by displaying the Press any key to exit message, this might indicate that the required DLL have not been moved to the directory in which the TraceView executable file, traceview.exe, is located. For more information, see Preparing to Use TraceView. This also might indicate that the PDB file does not have the required trace components. Confirm that the source code from which the PDB file was created is instrumented for software tracing.