WDF Verifier Control Application

The Windows Driver Frameworks (WDF) Verifier control application (WdfVerifier.exe) is a tool for debugging Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) and User-Mode Driver Framework (UMDF) drivers. You can use the tool for a quick assessment of drivers on a machine, and to make changes to their debugger settings.

This documentation describes options found in the version of the application that ships as part of Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 8.1.

Important To use WDF Verifier, you must have administrative privileges on the computer.

What can I do with it?

  • Get quick information about all WDF drivers on a computer. You can organize the list by driver or by device.
  • Manage registry settings for debugging WDF drivers.
  • View UMDF driver host processes and drivers they host.
  • Manage diagnostic output.
  • Start user-mode debugging sessions, either manually or automatically.

In this section

Topic Description

WDF Drivers Tab

This topic provides detailed information about WDF Verifier's WDF Drivers page. This page lists all WDF drivers on the computer, and you can change their verification settings and the settings of devices that use them. Start here if you're interested in a specific driver.

Devices Using WDF Tab

This topic discusses WDF Verifier's Devices using WDF page. This page lists all devices that are using WDF drivers. When you highlight a device, you see the WDF driver stack for the highlighted device. You can also change verification settings from this screen.

Global WDF Settings Tab

This topic provides detailed information about WDF Verifier's Global WDF Settings page. This page presents global (system-wide) WDF verification options, and shows UMDF host processes with hosted drivers.

UMDF Settings (Test Use Only) Tab

This topic details WDF Verifier's UMDF Settings (Test Use Only) page. On this page, you can change settings that can help test an overall system with one or more UMDF drivers.

My Preferences Tab

This topic describes WDF Verifier's My Preferences page. On this page, you can set preferences for some of the control panel's features.