IoSetCompletionRoutineNonPnpDriver rule (wdm)

The IoSetCompletionRoutineNonPnpDriver rule specifies that drivers that are not PnP drivers should use IoSetCompletionRoutineEx not IoSetCompletionRoutine.

The IoSetCompletionRoutineEx routine avoids the actual driver image unloading after the driver has been marked for unload. This applies to non-PnP drivers since they are not notified by the PnP manager when a remove or unload is happening.

Driver model WDM

How to test

At compile time

Run Static Driver Verifier and specify the IoSetCompletionRoutineNonPnpDriver rule.

Use the following steps to run an analysis of your code:
  1. Prepare your code (use role type declarations).
  2. Run Static Driver Verifier.
  3. View and analyze the results.

For more information, see Using Static Driver Verifier to Find Defects in Drivers.

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