What is the TMC file?

Note Before Windows Vista, this type of file was generated by default by Tracepdb. Instead, the Tracepdb tool now generates a MOF (.mof) file that describes the provider information in the binary. Unless you are using TraceView, ignore references to these TMC files.

The trace message control (.tmc) file is a text file that contains the control GUID along with the trace levels of each trace provider that is represented in a PDB symbol file. The name of the TMC file is the control GUID of the trace provider, followed by the .tmc file name extension.

TraceView generates a TMC file when it creates a trace message format (.tmf) file from a PDB symbol file. Tracepdb can also generate a TMC file when you use the -c option.

Most tracing tools do not use the TMC file, but TraceView uses it to associate the control GUID of the trace provider with the trace flags and trace level that the provider supports.

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