[SourceDiskNames] section directives

On Windows Vista and later, in-box INFs use the [SourceDisksXxx] directives. However, the values of these sections were changed from what had previously typically been noted in an independent hardware vendor (IHV) production driver package.

[SourceDisksNames] and [SourceDisksFiles] section directives

For example, for IHV production drivers:

For example, IHV production drivers:
1 = %DiskID1%

r200.sys    = 1
r200umd.dll = 1

This is the Windows inbox INF requirement:

3426=windows cd

IHVKDM.sys      = 3426
IHVUMD.dll      = 3426
IHVVID.dll      = 3426

[SignatureAttributes] section directives

On Windows Vista and later, inbox INFs use the [SignatureAttributes] directives.

There is no need to reference the miniport (.sys) file.

For example:



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