DirectX Video Acceleration

This section contains information about Microsoft DirectX Video Acceleration (DirectX VA). This is an application programming interface (API) and a corresponding motion compensation device driver interface (DDI) for acceleration of digital video decoding. The following additional DDIs are also provided as part of DirectX VA:

  • A deinterlacing DDI for deinterlacing and frame-rate conversion of video content.

  • A ProcAmp DDI to support ProcAmp control and postprocessing of video content.

  • A COPP DDI for protecting video content.

Driver writers who are creating DirectX VA drivers for Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 1 (SP1) and later should use the dxva.h header file. This contains the structures and enumerations used for video acceleration and deinterlacing, and frame-rate conversion.

This section includes the following topics:

Introduction to DirectX VA

Video Decoding

Deinterlacing and Frame-Rate Conversion

ProcAmp Control Processing

COPP Processing

Example Code for DirectX VA Devices

DirectX VA Data Flow Management

DirectX VA Operations

Defining Accelerator Capabilities