Plug and Play and Power Management in Video Miniport Drivers (Windows 2000 Model)

All Windows 2000 and later miniport drivers must support Plug and Play and Power Management. This includes the ability to enumerate child devices such as DDC monitors, inter-integrated circuit (I²C) devices, and secondary adapters.

The video port driver manages most of the PnP requirements for the miniport driver, including creating the FDO (Functional Device Object) and receiving and dispatching PnP-specific IRP codes (see IRP Major Function Codes) on the miniport driver's behalf.

Miniport drivers must implement the following functions to support PnP and Power Management:




The graphics adapter for a legacy miniport driver cannot be removed from the system while the system is running, nor are legacy miniport drivers automatically detected when added to a running system.

See Child Devices of the Display Adapter (Windows 2000 Model) for more information about detecting and communicating with an adapter's child devices. For general information about Plug and Play drivers, see Plug and Play.

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