INF PS2_Inst.NoInterruptInit Section

[PS2_Inst.NoInterruptInit] AddReg = add-reg-section.AddReg The mouse class installer executes the directives in this section if the Disable entry in an INF PS2_Inst.NoInterruptInit.Bios section matches the system BIOS version.

Entries and Values

Specifies an AddReg section that the mouse class installer uses to set registry values in a device's hardware key. The registry values determine whether the system initializes a mouse device by using interrupts or by polling.


This section is only used in combination with an INF PS2_Inst.NoInterruptInit.Bioses section. The primary purpose of this section is to specify an AddReg section that adds registry values to a mouse device's hardware key.

add-reg section Entries

HKR,,"DisableInitializePolledUI",0x00010001,1 HKR,,"MouseInitializePolled",0x00010001,1

Specifies a REG_DWORD flag that indicates whether the Fast Initialization check box on the property page will be available. If DisableInitializePolledUI is set to a nonzero value, the check box is unavailable; otherwise, the check box is available.

Specifies a REG_DWORD flag that indicates whether the system must poll the device to initialize it. If MouseInitializedPolled is set to one, the system polls the mouse device; otherwise the system uses interrupts.

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