1394 Samples and Diagnostic Tools

The Windows Driver Kit (WDK) includes the source code for two sample kernel-mode drivers (1394vdev.sys and 1394diag.sys) and diagnostic software that permits driver writers to communicate with the IEEE 1394 stack from user-mode.

The driver source code illustrates how drivers communicate with the upper edge of the IEEE 1394 stack. In addition to asynchronous and isochronous data transfers, the sample source code demonstrates the proper management of Plug and Play (PnP) and power management I/O Request Packets (IRPs).

The system enumerates 1394vdev.sys and 1394diag.sys differently. The 1394vdev.sys driver is a virtual diagnostic driver that the IEEE 1394 bus driver loads when it receives an IOCTL_IEEE1394_API_REQUEST request. The 1394diag.sys driver is a physical diagnostic device driver that the IEEE 1394 bus driver loads when an IEEE 1394 hardware device is plugged into the PC. 1394vdev.inf, which is included in the WDK, loads both of these drivers.