Understanding Volume Enumerations with Duplicate Volume Names

When enumerating volumes, it is possible for duplicate volume names to appear in a resulting volume information list.

To help understand why this can occur, consider the following scenario: the volume enumeration routine FltEnumerateVolumeInformation is used to enumerate all system volumes. This results in a buffer filled with volume information structures - one for each volume known to filter manager. In this buffer, each volume information structure can be of type FILTER_VOLUME_BASIC_INFORMATION or FILTER_VOLUME_STANDARD_INFORMATION, but not both.

Given this list of volume information structures, it is possible for multiple list elements to contain the same volume name. That is, the FilterVolumeName members of two or more list elements could be identical. This is possible because all filter manager enumeration routines, such as FltEnumerateVolumes, enumerate volumes including those that have been dismounted but have not been torn-down (due to the fact that open files still exist on the volume). Thus, when a volume becomes dismounted, its name can appear more than once in a volume information list - once for its current mounted state and once for its prior dismounted but non-torn-down state, in the simplest case.

If duplicate volume names appear in a volume information list, each group of identical names is explained by the above description. However, it is possible to confirm the above scenario by using the following procedures:

  • If the list is populated with structures of type FILTER_VOLUME_STANDARD_INFORMATION, identify a group of structures whose FilterVolumeName members are equal. If one or more of the structures in this group has the FLTFL_VSI_DETACHED_VOLUME flag set in its Flags member, the volume associated with the group was in a dismounted but non-torn-down state. This confirms why duplicate volume names exist. Repeat this procedure for all such remaining groups, if applicable.

  • If the list is populated with structures of type FILTER_VOLUME_BASIC_INFORMATION, convert this list to its equivalent FILTER_VOLUME_STANDARD_INFORMATION structure form and proceed as in the previous bullet point.

Note   The FILTER_VOLUME_STANDARD_INFORMATION structure is only available starting with Windows Vista.

Routines and structures affected by this topic include the following: