Combining Platform Extensions with Other Section Name Extensions

An INF file that contains INF DDInstall sections with platform extensions can also contain additional per-device sections, such as the required DDInstall.Services and optional DDInstall.HW, DDInstall.CoInstallers, DDInstall.LogConfigOverride, and DDInstall.Interfaces sections. In cross-operating system and cross-platform INF files, you should specify the appropriate platform extension immediately after the INF-writer-defined section name (for example, install-section-name.ntx86.HW).

If a cross-operating system INF file contains decorated install-section-name.nt, install-section-name.ntx86, install-section-name.ntia64, or install-section-name.ntamd64 sections, it must also have additional parallel decorated and undecorated per-device sections. That is, if the INF file has both install-section-name and install-section-name.nt sections and it has a DDInstall.HW section, it must also have a parallel install-section-name.nt.HW section (if the device or driver requires a .HW section for Windows 2000 and later versions of Windows).

The topics in the INF File Sections and Directives section show the ntxxx.HW extensions as part of the formal syntax statements in the appropriate section references, such as in the following example:

[install-section-name.HW] | [install-section-name.nt.HW] | [install-section-name.ntx86.HW] | [install-section-name.ntia64.HW] | [install-section-name.ntamd64.HW] Such a formal syntax statement indicates that these extensions are valid alternatives to the basic section. This type of statement does not indicate that any INF file that has an install-section-name.nt.HW section must also include every other platform-specific install-section-name.ntxxx.HW section. You can use any subset of these extensions to specify the decorated sections that are required for a particular cross-platform installation.

INF files that contain install-section-name platform extensions can also include platform extensions with their INF SourceDisksNames section and INF SourceDisksFiles section entries, to specify installation file locations in a platform-specific manner.