In Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, the DEVPROP_TYPE_DEVPROPTYPE identifier represents the base-data-type identifier that indicates the data type is a DEVPROPTYPE-typed value.


The DEVPROP_TYPE_DEVPROPTYPE property type can be combined only with the DEVPROP_TYPEMOD_ARRAY property-data-type modifier.

Setting a Property of this Type

To set a property whose base data type is DEVPROP_TYPE_DEVPROPTYPE, call the corresponding SetupDiSetXxx property function, setting the function input parameters as follows:

  • Set the PropertyType parameter to DEVPROP_TYPE_DEVPROPTYPE, set the PropertyBuffer parameter to a pointer to a buffer that contains a DEVPROPTYPE value, and set the PropertyBufferSize parameter to sizeof(DEVPROPTYPE).

  • Set the remaining function parameters as appropriate to set the property.



Devpropdef.h (include Devpropdef.h)

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