INF DDInstall.Events Section

Each per-Models DDInstall.Events section contains one or more INF AddEventProvider directives that reference additional INF-writer-defined sections in an INF file. This section is supported for Windows 10 version 1809 and later.

[install-section-name.Events] |
[install-section-name.nt.Events] |
[install-section-name.ntx86.Events] |
[install-section-name.ntia64.Events] |
[install-section-name.ntamd64.Events] |
[install-section-name.ntarm.Events] |
[install-section-name.ntarm64.Events] |


You can provide a DDInstall.Events section with at least one AddEventProvider directive to register Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) providers.


This directive references an INF-writer-defined event-provider-install-section elsewhere in the INF file for the drivers of the devices covered by this DDInstall section. For more information, see INF AddEventProvider Directive.

This optional entry specifies one or more additional system-supplied INF files that contain sections needed to install this device. If this entry is specified, a Needs entry is also usually required.

For more information about the Include entry and restrictions on its use, see Specifying the Source and Target Locations for Device Files.

This optional entry specifies the section that must be processed during the installation of this device. Typically, the section is a DDInstall.Events section within a system-supplied INF file that is listed in an Include entry. However, it can be any section that is referenced within a DDInstall.Events section.

Needs entries cannot be nested. For more information about the Needs entry and restrictions on its use, see Specifying the Source and Target Locations for Device Files.


DDInstall.Events sections should have the same platform and operating system decorations as their related DDInstall sections. For example, an install-section-name.ntx86 section would have a corresponding install-section-name.ntx86.Events section.

The specified DDInstall section must be referenced in a device/models-specific entry under the per-manufacturer Models section of the INF file. The case-insensitive extensions to the install-section-name shown in the formal syntax statement can be inserted into such a DDInstall.Events section name in cross-platform INF files.

For more information about how to use the system-defined .nt, .ntx86, .ntia64, .ntamd64, .ntarm, and .ntarm64 extensions, see Creating INF Files for Multiple Platforms and Operating Systems.


This example shows the install-section-name.Events section and its event-provider-install-sections in the INF file.


; entries in the following xxx_Inst sections omitted here for brevity,
; but fully specified as the example for the AddEventProvider directive
; ...

; ...

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