Installing a Catalog File by using SignTool

SignTool is not a redistributable tool and therefore cannot be included with a redistributed installation application. However, SignTool can be used on a computer that has SignTool already installed in a manner that complies with the Microsoft Software License Terms for the tool. A catalog file can be manually installed from a command line or installed by command script by using the following SignTool command:

SignTool catdb /v /u


  • The catdb command configures SignTool to add or remove a catalog file from a catalog database. By default, SignTool adds the catalog file to the system component and driver database.

  • The /v option configures SignTool to operate in verbose mode.

  • The /u option configures SignTool to generate a unique name for the catalog file being added, if necessary, to prevent replacing an already existing catalog file that has the same name as

  • is the name of the catalog file.