Installing a New Device Setup Class for a Bus

If a new bus supports devices whose capabilities are significantly different from the capabilities provided by devices that belong to existing device setup classes, you should install a new device setup class for the bus. For more information that helps you determine whether to install a new device setup class, see Creating a New Device Setup Class.

To install a new device setup class for the bus, set related directives in the INF Version section, include an INF ClassInstall32 section, and include additional sections, as needed, that are referenced by the INF Class32 section.

The following annotated example illustrates the basic INF file entries you need to include to install a device setup class. For information about the possible configuration settings of a device setup class, see INF ClassInstall32 section.

; Specify a unique class name that identifies the manufacturer and the bus type

; Specify a unique GUID that identifies the device setup class

; Identify the provider of the INF file

; Specify the version of the device driver

; Reference an AddReg directive that specifies class properties

; Specify the properties of the device setup class
. . .
. . .
AbcCorp="Abc Corporation"
AbcSuperBus="Abc Corporation Super Bus Controller"